Sleep Wellness

Improper daytime and sleep breathing adversely affects all aspects of health, mood, energy, focus and memory.  If left untreated, the chronic inflammation  that results can lead to systmemic disease.

Sleep Stages


Non Rem Stage N1

Transition Period "Light Sleep"

Muscle activity slows down; Drowsy, Easily awakened;

Non Rem Stage N2

First stage of true sleep

 10-25 minutes; Eye movement stops, heart rate slows down, body temperature drops

Non-Rem N3

Deep Sleep

Difficult to awaken;  If awakened, groggy & disoriented; Slow brain waves; Short term memory storage; Hormone release and balance; Blood flow directed away from the brain and towards muscles; Muscular pain management


Dream Stage Sleep

70-90 minutes after falling asleep; Rapid eye movement; Heart rate, blood pressure and brain activity increase; Long-term memory storage; Anxiety, depression & pain management; Arms & legs are paralyzed

Sleep typically cycles through these stages 4-5 times throughout the night with each cycle of REM sleep lasting longer each time.