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Dental Problem List Associated with Poor Sleep:

  1. Bruxism (tooth grinding)
  2. Tooth wear & Fracture
  3. TMD & muscle pain
  4. Malocclusion (poor bite relationship)
  5. Erosion (due to acid)
  6. Periodontal Disease
  7. Caries (cavities)
  8. Abfractions (notches in the teeth by the gums)
  9. Impacted teeth
  10. Orthodontic or orhognathic relapse


Bruxism is a sleep related movement disorder that can be characterized by repetitive or sustained contractions of the jaw closing muscles according to the American Association of Sleep Medicine. 

*Theory that the obstruction of the airway stimulates an individual to clench the teeth as an unconscious attempt to relieve the airway.

Pediatric sleep-related tooth wear can be utilized as a clinical marker for pediatric SDB